Teoh Yun's Pre-reading

Pre-reading for Project 3A

Task: Perform a experiment that requires a metal ball to be rolled down a inclined plane and measure the time that it takes to travel on the horizontal plane.

We are supposed to determine the angle of inclination when the time taken to travel on the horizontal track would be the least and different concepts from physics will be used to complete this challenge.We will be setting a experiment which will require us to support the inclined stand with a retort stand and set the angle of the inclined plane at 30 degrees, by rolling down a metal ball along the set-up, we are supposed to measure the time taken for it to roll on the horizontal track and analyze the data. After that, we need to determine the angle of minimum time of travel, and by sing a ball covered with oil, the angle of inclination for the minimum time has to be found and the group which wins both challenges will win.